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John Holstein jonhol2 at netscape.net
Tue Feb 3 20:33:57 EST 2009

Fellow CAMWESTIES, especially those way out west (sounds like a good song title),

I have received a phone message from a consultant who is doing some work with Penrith Council on their Bike Plan. He was a bit quick with his message & I did not receive it until after close of business today (3/2/09). He is looking for people to contribute to some focus groups relating to the Penrith Bike Plan & has contacted me through CAMWEST seeking input.

His name is Chris Fernandez ( I think), as I said, a bit quick with his message. If you are interested & believe you can contribute on behalf of CAMWEST, then please contact him on 0284481800. There is however, one proviso, if you decide to attend, we would require a presentation to the committee on what occurred & what the expected outcomes were. Could you also please let me know if you would consider attending?

This is a great opportunity for those of you in the outer west to make a contribution to cycling planning in the Penrith area.

John Holstein
Member of CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West.

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