[CAMWEST-announce] new M4 path

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Tue Jan 31 12:15:14 EST 2012

Hi All,

Yesterday I was down at this new path and it is all open.

Did I miss the rand opening, or did they just quietly move the fences?


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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                                 for your information. A small article about the M4 Cycleway being a waste of money. There is a quick Poll as well.

I rode this today & it is only a short section, but should be part of a greater plan.

Read the story here<http://www.parramattasun.com.au/news/local/news/general/m4-cycleway-a-colossal-waste-of-money/2425289.aspx>
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