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Keith & Bronwyn,
                        the issue of the M7 Cyclepath has been raised on Sydney Cyclist & also through the CAMWEST Bicycle User Group Inc network and through those networks we have discovered the original document:-
Director-General’s Report
Section 115C of the
Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

Director-General’s Report
Section 115C of the
Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
February 2002

Page 180 of the document at paragraphs 109 & 110 set out clearly the requirements for the cycle path particularly Para 100 which states:-
"110. All cycleway elements resulting from the Cycleway Strategy required under Condition 109, shall
be designed and constructed in accordance with Austroads Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice
Part 14 – Bicycles. The cycleway shall also, where relevant:
(a) be grade separated from all roads that cross the Project;
(b) designed so that the pavement is above the highest flood level of a 1 in 2 year ARI;
(c) bridges shall be provided over all watercourses and for each bridge the deck surface shall
be at least one (1) metre above the existing bank levels of the watercourse; and,
(d) demonstrate adherence to all conditions of concurrence set by NPWS,
unless otherwise specified in the approved Cycleway Strategy"

Hopefully this will provide some guidance for deliberations regarding the treatment of the proposed access between the two developments.

The entire document can be viewed Here

It is still unclaer however, who will be making the final decision on this path, Liverpool Council, RMS, Westlink M7 or the developers.An early answer to that question would be appreciated so we can focus our attention on the deciding body

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