[CAMWEST-announce] Rooty Hill to Parramatta Ride this Saturday, November 17th.

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Mon Nov 12 21:46:42 EST 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm leading a slow ride from Rooty Hill to Parramatta (23 km) this Saturday,
November 17th, starting at 7.45am.  We're using mainly quieter roads and
shared paths, and meeting on the north side of Rooty Hill station, at the
bottom of the ramp. See
Please let me know if you're planning to come along.  Ph 0415 902 708 or
respond by email.

Hope to see you there!



Rob Kemp                        'Trying to live more sustainably'. 
Web: http://www.robkemp.id.au 
ph: (h) 02 9864 8797   (w) 02 9296 1561

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