[CAMWEST-announce] Online petition to support the portals in the Lennox Bridge

Paul Bowyer pbowyer at au1.ibm.com
Tue Nov 13 15:52:12 EST 2012

Further to my earlier note on this, there's an online petition you can sign
up to to show your support.
The link is here. If you support the portals, please sign up to this


Note: Some people seem to have reported problems with certain browsers, but
Internet Explorer 8 seems to work ok.

Also attached is a flyer I've been handing out.. Please feel free to
distribute it or put it up on your noticeboards.

(See attached file: Lennox Bridge - support the portalsv1.2.docx)

Thanks for your support!


Paul Bowyer
Project Manager
Mobile: 0438 856 880
Email: pbowyer at au1.ibm.com

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