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please do send to the UWS Bug, if they can't volunteer, at least ride to the event & we can look after their bikes.

The same goes for the rest of you, CHW Bug Bike North etc.

John Holstein
Member of CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West.

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed" (Professor Irwin Corey
American vaudeville comic and actor (1914 - ) )

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Hi John,

I can send to UWS Bicycle User Group,



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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                                  I have not long returned from a meeting with David Borella from Bike Sydney & organisers of the Parramatta Australia Day Celebrations. Bike Sydney have been contracted to provide FREE Valet Bike Parking at the Australia Day Celebrations in Parramatta Park on  Saturday 26 January 2013. This will be an income generating activity as it is being paid for by the organisers and Bike Sydney have invited CAMWEST to assist in running this activity.
This is a pilot project and will hopefully be an opportunity to showcase this innovative activity to organisers of events in Western Sydney. It is already a popular project in the inner city areas. it is also a great way to encourage more people to cycle to events such as this to alleviate congestion by both cars and public transport.
The event will run from 10.00am until 10.00pm  & we require a minimum of 15 man hours of volunteer time. That can be either 15 people for one hour or 30 people for half an hour or 7.5 people for two hours each. As you can see, not an onerous amount of work per person.
We also need bikes and riders to attend the event, so, if you can, ride to the event, park your bike with us, give us an hour or so of your time & spend the rest of your time enjoying the event.
Tell your friends and networks - Parramatta will host Australia Day, a Soccer Match at Parramatta Stadium and a Sydney Festival Event at the Old Kings School all at the same time, so you can imagine how hard it will be to use cars or public transport to access Parramatta and what better way to attend any of these events than by bicycle?
If you are able to spare an hour or two please contact John Holstein to register your interest in volunteering and nominate a time you would like to work.
Here is a link to Bike Sydney's info on Valet Bike Parking. There are a couple of times when it will be busy. We anticipate being busy in the initial hour after the event opens, then again around 6pm and also at closing time after the fireworks at 9pm.  Bike Sydney will also be providing experienced volunteers and David & myself will be available at key times for advice and guidance. You will always be in pairs and basic training will be provided as will fluids and snacks during your rostered time.
This activity will rely on volunteer participation and usage of the facility to succeed, so either step up and volunteer or ride to the event and we will look after your bike for you for free while you enjoy the festivities. Tell your friends and contacts they can ride to the event and avoid all the hustle of finding a parking spot or traveling on public transport with a mob of rowdy soccer fans.

John Holstein
Member of CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West.

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed" (Professor Irwin Corey
American vaudeville comic and actor (1914 - ) )
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warm regards,
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