[CAMWEST-announce] Ride 2 Riverstone - Sun May 4th - Volunteering opportunities + event invite

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Tue Apr 1 10:37:25 UTC 2014

As you're probably well aware by now, a few of us from CAMWEST are helping to
organise the Ride 2 Riverstone event again this year.

The event in a nutshell:
The event, which is in it's 5th year, is a community activity organised by
The Riverstone & District Lions Club Inc. for the benefit of The Australian
Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF).  A couple of us from
CAMWEST are also assisting with the event.
This year the event is scheduled to take place on Sunday May 4th.
Last year we had over 450 riders, and are hoping for similar or slightly
higher numbers this year. We have had participants from all over Sydney, plus
groups from the Blue Mountains, Newcastle, the Central Coast, Southern
Highlands, Shoalhaven, and Canberra take part in the event.
We have route distance options of approximately 30, 50, 80 & 100km.  The
different routes leave Riverstone between 7.30 & 8.30am, and we plan to have
everyone back in Rivo for the sit-down 2 course lunch by 12.30pm.


The RFS are providing a lot of the route marshaling on the day, but there are
other volunteering roles before, during and after the ride that might
particularly appeal to cyclists.  These roles and the approximate number of
volunteers required are listed below:

1. Sector 1 Route Marshals - 10 or so volunteers required : Direct cyclists
at intersections along Sector 1 of the route.  Riders will be leaving Rivo
between 7.30am and 9am.  Sector 1 will start to be closed around 9am, and be
fully closed by 9.50am (but hopefully earlier).  Volunteers would be free to
do the rest of the route (but probably only have time to do the 30 or 50km
routes unless you are a strong rider).  We aim to have all riders back in
Riverstone by 12.30 for the sit-down lunch.  These volunteers would be
entitled to free ride and lunch.  Sector 1 is the only possibilility for this
option, as all the other sectors are covered again later in the ride
(depending on route chosen).

2.  Signage Crew - Up to 25 volunteers : Help put out signage (around 450
signs in total) on the day before the ride.  All signage crew volunteers can
ride free and get lunch on the Sunday.  The more vols we get, the quicker it
is to get all the signs out!

3. Take down signage after the event: The RFS are planning to take down at
least some of the signs, but in order to get them all taken down within a
couple of days after the event, we are offering to pay $1 per sign taken down
and returned  to Riverstone in good condition.  A spreadsheet listing the
position of the signs will be provided.

4. There is a section of the route that forms a 10km loop.  Most of this loop
is along shared path.  We are looking for several 'Ride Crew' cyclists that
do 2 or 3 of these loops and can assist cyclists with simple
puncture/mechanical repairs, or if the riders are unable to continue, direct
them to the nearest point where the Sweep bus can pick them up.  Total riding
distance for these riders is anticipated to be up to 35km if they get a lift
from a support vehicle both ways between Riverstone and the loop start/finish
point, or up to 65km if they also ride both ways between Rivo and the loop
start/finish point.  One of the major Rest Stops for the event is along the loop.

There are also other volunteering options, but these don't included cycling
on the day (but do include the free lunch afterwards): Route Marshaling 
(Telling riders where to go....in the nicest possible way), Driving support
vehicles, Helping at the start and finish site or a Rest Stop, helping
prepare and serve lunch, setting up the start site the day before the ride,
and in the preceding week helping prepare the volunteer bags.

Of course, people can come along and pay and do the full ride as individuals
or you can get a team together for a discount.

See www.ride2riverstone.com.au for details.  Feel free to give me a call on
0415 902 708 or 9296 1561 during business hours if you'd like to discuss or
require further info.


Rob Kemp                        'Trying to live more sustainably'. 
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