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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                                  here is a link to a new initiative called Meet Up, a site where people with similar interests can organise face to face meetings and events. The Australian Cyclist Party have candidates for the upper house in the forthcoming State Elections. Here is a chance to meet some of the candidates, question them on policy and preferences and make an informed decision as to where to cast your vote.

John Holstein
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Hi John,
I'd call except I don't have a number for you!

Just saw your email
recruiting people to a local BUG.... and thought you may
be able to help in
finding some Volunteers for ACP in the last week
running-up to NSW

We are using an ACP Meetup site to attract volunteers to
particular campaign
events - 
 Upcoming ones tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday
.....with more to follow

check our ACP's website which is growing with additions to the NSW
Hall of Shame series. https://australian-cyclists-party.org/

If any
questions, or you get stuck, please call Chloe or Anthony (both ACP
for the Upper House),

Chloe Mason
02 9281 1751
0419 811 750 

0437 873 074

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