[CAMWEST-announce] CAMWEST Extinction?

Nick Urbanik nick.urbanik at optusnet.com.au
Thu Oct 13 22:23:17 UTC 2016

Dear Peter,

On 13/10/16 00:34 +1100, Peter Gilbert wrote:
>Hi All, 
>It seems we may be loosing track with anyone out there,  who maybe a supporter.
>We will be be shortly undertaking an update to confirm our current 
>If there is insufficient interest/response?".
>And no further interest/correspondence,  CAMWEST will, cease to

I ride 31 km at least four days a week through the Parramatta Council
area and hope that CAMWEST survives.  My family and work commitments
are very heavy and I have little time to contribute my efforts to this
excellent cause, but I do maintain the mailing lists.

>Our current ongoing  web/communications are yet to be negotiated.
>Please respond with your comments and/or supportive suggestions.
>Please respond,
> If you have any interest in supporting a group like CAMWEST ,
>Please let me know.
>streblig at optusnet@optusnet.cok.au
>Hi All, I may have missed some recent CAMWEST traffic, however after after
>speaking with Charlene today at the Parramatta City RTW breakfast, I learned
>she is stepping down from the CAMWEST leadership role. It would seem we are in
>urgent need of someone to nominate to step into the leadership role for our
>group to continue. I am willing to nominate myself to facilitate the ongoing
>continuance of our group. I believe we need to convene for an AGM, to continue
>our auspices under BNSW. 
>It seems the previously suggested 23 or 29th in October this month are no
>longer viable. I propose, “that before the end of this ..” (JFK 1962),
> November 2016! 
>We should convene for an AGM. 
>Please respond with your availability and/or suggestions.
>Best regards,
>    On 5 Oct. 2016, at 6:29 pm, Rob <robkemp at tpg.com.au> wrote:
>    Hi Charlene,
>    I don't think an email has gone out yet about the Camwest AGM as yet.  I
>    think we'd nominally suggested October 23rd?
>    cheers,
>    Rob

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