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                            can somebody on the current executive clarify this issue for Antony? I am unaware of any decision by CAMWEST regarding support for these laws during my time as Chair.

John Holstein
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I have just been informed that CAMWEST through Bicycle NSW support the new ID laws for adult bike riders.
I am disappointed by this and please understand I do not support these laws putting the emphasis on the bike rider. If the law changes had also allowed bike riders to ride on footpaths, then I would likely be for the changes.
As a daily bike rider, commuting to & from work,  I cannot abide by the current Government laws – particularly not riding on footpaths.
I commute between Mount Druitt and Glendenning where there is a section of official bike path but then it stops at both ends of my trip. It is then up to me to work out what route to take.
Many sections of the road are unsafe to cycle on; drivers do not give safe space to bike riders, at roundabouts drivers try to “squeeze” you out, you are verbally abused or blasted by a horn.
I can understand these people have spent 1-2 hours in a traffic jam getting home from work, I just do not think they should be turning that frustration into abuse of the bike rider.
As an engaged organisation with the NSW Government on this decision and knowing it will not come into effect until early next year, I would hope that you can provide some feedback.
If asked, understand my disagreement with the changes and belief it will deter people from riding their bike more regularly.
Bikes save the Government money and are good for the environment, unfortunately for some they do not increase GDP.
Antony Lewis
General Mills Australia Pty Ltd | 16 Kellogg Road | Rooty Hill | NSW Australia 2766
 T +612 9830 9056 | Eantony.lewis at genmills.com

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