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Tue Jul 18 05:43:19 UTC 2017

Hello fellow CAMWESTies,
                                          Unfortunately I won't be able to make the AGM all the way from the CAMWEST Riverina Chapter at Yerong Creek.e accept my apologies.

John Holstein
"If we don't change direction we will end up where we are headed" 
(Professor Irwin Corey, Comedian 1909 - )

Subject: Re: Camwest AGM

Hi Peter,
Attached is Minutes of 2016 AGM, and a brief Cycleways Advisory      Committee Report.
Even at this stage I cannot be sure that I will be able to      attend. It will depend on my work load for tomorrow, which is      unknown until the morning and my arrival on site at North Rocks.
Please accept my apologies if I find hat I am unable to make      attendance at the AGM meeting tomorrow night.
Michael Goard
Apologies from the CAMWEST Announce/Discuss email lists
Hi, Unfortuntately I as I only  return to Australia at 8 pm        that night I will not be able to attend.
My apaologies, Ian Winstanley
Not able to attend.
Thanks Jon Spindler (SCHN)


Hi Michael 

I have moved to Orange So will not be able to be involved with Camwest activities in the future 
Regards and good luck with the promotion of cycling in Parramatta and surrounds. 
Helen Fitzsimons

On 25/06/2017 9:49 PM, Peter Gilbert      wrote:
            Hi All, Apologies for previous transmission, it seems numerous      fatal errors detected. Wednesday 19th July now proposed to meet,      6pm Park Royal Phillip street Parramatta, (BYOFD).      
Agenda items to follow.
Kindly please respond regarding you availability to        attend.

Please note,
28th June meeting, previously          advertised, now cancelled.

Best regards,
Peter Gilbert

On 23 Jun 2017, at 11:19 pm, Peter Gilbert              <streblig at optusnet.com.au>              wrote:
Hi All, Thanks for your patience, I know                this is becoming a bit tedious. However, It seems                Wednesday 28th may work for some of us, (may have to                check  what constitutes the ‘quorum’).
                Anyway, so lets make it Park Royal Parramatta again, at                6pm.
                Andrew & Michael, could you please send us any                 previous minutes and reports and relevant info for our                meeting on Wednesday, as I can’t see us meeting the                quorum at any other time on the weekend.
                Best Regards,
                Peter 0415516397.
                Hi All, this seems reasonable to me, will certainly                include it on AGM Agenda.
                Just had another thought, how about we also cover food                and beverage expenses  for members attending AGM.
                I think this would be standard practice for all our                executive/members.
                If anyone is aware of anyone else out there please let                them know.
Michael Goard
mpgoard at ihug.com.au<mpgoard at ihug.com.au>
Phone: +61 415 191 405


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