[CAMWEST-discuss] restarting BUGOFH ( Bicycle User group of Fairfield/Holroyd )

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Tue Oct 11 06:35:28 UTC 2005

Dear Alex,

As you probably know Anthony Pettit of BUGOFH is no longer active.

I understand BNSW would like to see BUG's in Western Sydney, and
personally I would like to see a BUG in this area in the future.

So as a member of Camwest and BNSW I am prepared to run a public meeting
in November to try and restart a BUG in Fairfield/Holroyd/Greystanes. I see so many
cyclists on the Canal Cycleway through Greystanes I can't believe we won't get enough
people to make a BUG in the area.

I have been in contact with Pauline Trainor of Greystanes and she now takes the BUGOFH seat
on Holroyd Council's Bicycle Steering Committee.

So on behalf of Camwest I would like to ask for your permission and support
in holding this public gathering. Also as a BNSW member I would also like
your permission to make the above statement on behalf of BNSW.

The aim of the meeting is to make a list of potential members, hopefully
get a new Secretary, and set up an email/phone chain amongst potential members
so the group begins to operate as a normal BUG. I would achieve this by taking the membership list
genetrated on the day and making copies and distributing it to all present.

The other aim of the meeting would be to set a date and time for a future BUG meeting.

Neither Camwest nor I will not run this BUG, it must run itself. I will probably be just a member of it
and provide assistance where needed.

I have chosen an open park to make access easier and less threatening than a residence.

Below is the entry I have asked Jenni to put in Push-on.


Mark Robson
BNSW member

> BUG in Holroyd/Fairfield/Greystanes
> BUGOFH, the BUG based around Fairfield and Holroyd in Western Sydney is
> in a state of decline following the departure of Anthony Pettitt, it's long
> time president and champion.
> Do you want a BUG in Holroyd and Fairfield?
> If you do then you need to come to this meeting and help make it happen?
> When:  3 pm Saturday, 19th November, 2005
> Where: Greystanes  Aqueduct, just off Macquarie Road, Greystanes
> (plenty of shade trees just off the cycleway)

  Contact:  Mark Robson  phone 9827 0738 if you want to be involved
	but can't make it on the day.
> What to bring: Your friends and your bike.
> Agenda: Who wants a BUG? 
> Camwest will not be running this BUG, we are just organising this meeting
> to see if people in the area are willing to have a BUG. The BUG activities
  will be as extensive as you wish to make them.
> Mark Robson
> Camwest

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