[CAMWEST-discuss] Re: Camwest/Cycling stand at M7 community walk around Lighthorse interchange

Alex Unwin aunwin at bicyclensw.org.au
Mon Oct 17 00:14:26 UTC 2005

Thanks Rob, how's it going?

At this stage BNSW don't have a stall planned at the opening - though I think it would 
be a great idea for Camwest to have one if it can be organised. I know I am away that 

What we are looking at, (which is where your rumour may have come from!) is a 
Community Development Event in partnership with Westmead Hospital Foundation, 
making use of the M7 shared pathway, and also the Prospect Cycleways and 
Windosr Road Cycleway which is currently in the planning stage. This event is a 
possibility for June/July/August 2006, and we are looking for indications of interest 
from the local community and other stakeholders.

Many thanks,


Hi all,

A community 5 km pre-opening walk around the Lighthorse Interchange 
(M7/M4 interchange) in Eastern Ck  is being planned for Sunday November 
27th, probably starting around 8am. The walk is along the roadway 
approach and exit ramps.
A number of community groups have been invited to host displays on the day.
I've heard a rumour that BNSW may be setting up a stall.  I was just 
wondering whether anyone else from Camwest or any other local cycling 
group would be interested  in promoting cycling there?
I'm keen to take part, and would be happy to hand out brochures for any 
cycling group.
Note that neither the shared path nor the roadway apart from the ramps 
will be open on the day, so any displays will have to be more or less 
Please let me know if you're interested in taking part or have some 
brochures you'd like handed out.


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