[CAMWEST-discuss] Re: Bike Show

Ian Macindoe imacian at bigpond.net.au
Thu Oct 20 01:32:38 UTC 2005

Hi John
Good to hear from you, and will have to get the full story on the Challenge 
escapade. If you're not writing it up for anyone else I believe the CAMWEST 
web master would be glad to post your account. I'll copy this to CAMWEST 
members in case anyone is doing a stand at the show. They'll contact you 
directly. I'll be on the Spring Cycle ride, but am not involved beyond that. 
I am contemplating doing the Big Ride in Feb/March, not having done one for 
over a decade.

If you don't make it to the BBQ on November 13th we'll have to try to 
connect over a glass of amber/red/black or whatever.  Cheers

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Subject: Bike Show

> Ian,
>   I am the cyclist that met you on Kleins Road a few weeks back when you 
> were returning from a ride to Liverpool. I  have just returned to work 
> after doing the Simpson desert Cycle Challenge.
>    The purpose of this email is to ask if any progress was made on manning 
> a stand at the upcoming bike show & if so, do you need any assistance. I 
> would be available for a few hours each day over the weekend.
> Thanks
> John Holstein
> Ph 0410662390 (M) 92656589 (W) 96862391 (H)
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