[CAMWEST-discuss] bridge over Fidlayson Creek at Allen St, Sth Wentworthville

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Mon Nov 14 04:45:49 UTC 2005

Dear Ian,
I would appreciate some advice on an issue emerging in Holroyd around the completion of the cycleway adjacent to the T-Way.
Just to update everyone, when the Parra-Liverpool T-Way was approved by the state govt part of the design was for an
Austroads standard cycleway for its entire length. Construction is all but complete. All but, that is, the section adjacent to and parallel with the M4
from Centenary Rd, Sth Wentworthville to Coleman St. This short section crosses Findlayson Creek.
The T-Way managers have had a quote for just the bridge of $800,000. This does not include the few hundred metres of conctrete still to be laid up to Coleman St.
So the made a request of Holroyd Council to run the cycleway across the existing road bridge, known as Allen St. 
I have measured this bridge with my feet and it is about 12.5 metres wide. A local bus route
passes across trhe bridge and the bus operators have advocated against narrowing the road lanes.
On behalf of cyclists should we:
1)        Demand the dedicated cycleway bridge, as designed, at large cost to the community.
2)        Advocate for the cycle route to be altered to cross the creek at a cheaper location, there is an existing cycleway ONLY bridge some 400 metres South,
            located in a nice park. This would add 800 metres to the route and also motivate cyclists to leave the 'official' cycleway route and take
            a short cut down back streets straight to the bridge. 
3)        Advocate for a compromise solution with the bus comany that allows all users to safely use the existing bridge, saving the community a large sum of money.
        Possible compromises are a one-way road bridge with cycleway, a bus/car/bicycle shared zone with, say, 30 km/hr speed limit. ( Remember it's a lousy 50 metres or so )
        or squeeze two narrow vehicle lanes beside a somewhat under width cycleway. This would be 2 x 4 metre lanes with a half metre painted median and a 3 metres cycleway.
        There would be no footpath on one side of the road.
4)    Ask for construction of a totally new route that bypasses the problem bridge by going via existing cyclist favourite back streets with a footpath based off-road path.
CAMWEST advocating for 2 or 3 would be conditional on a large proportion of the money that is saved to be held in trust for use IN THE AREA for the benefit of cycling.
I suppose I see this issue as a possible source of funding of some of the much needed 'gap filling' in the area.  For the sake of a losuy 50 metres of cycleway across the bridge
Holroyd and the RTA together ( 50/50 funding proramme ) could build over a million dollars worth of cycling infrastructure, wcich would equate to many many kilometres of 
cycleway.        But if we demand that T-Way just give up all the money there is no saving in it for them and they will just go, "to heck with all of you, build the lousy bridge" 
I spoke to the Holroyd mayor informally about this last week at the steering committee meeting and he said off the record, " if it's going to cost a million dollars it will never be built ",
such is his negetive attitude about state govt funded projects. 
At a meeting with the RTA a few years ago CAMWEST expressed dismay at the proposed route, but RTA followed it anyway. The original idea of following
Centenary Road would have allowed the creek crossing at the existing bridge. Insufficient width of Centenary Rd meant the cycleway was re-routed alongside
Cumberland Hwy. So the bridge issue is one of their own unfortunate making.
The best solution for the cycling community that we seek to represent will obviously be for the money to be saved and used for the benefit of cycling in the area.
How do you advise that I may best go about achieving this?
Mark Robson

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