[CAMWEST-discuss] Senate Inquiry into Australia's future oil supply

Martin Olmos molmos at uow.edu.au
Mon Dec 5 04:15:39 UTC 2005

up and at'em submission writers:


- More cycling infrastructure!
- Stress how cycling is cheap, low risk, and has many beneficial side 
effects. Below an old letter to the editor re this:
The great thing about most solutions to our excessive dependence on 
petrol is that they're cheap, risk-free and have collateral benefits. 
For example, the 'downside' of building safe cycleways to schools 
(assuming for a moment that petrol prices dropped tomorrow) would be 
healthier kids, calmer parents, cleaner air, safer roads, and quieter 
neighbourhoods. I can put up with that.
- Factor in much higher long term oil prices when planning infrastructure.
- More rail: Parra-Epping line, fast rail linking 
Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong, perhaps eventually growing to Brisbane, 
Canberra, and Melbourne.
- Federal funding for public transport in cities. They give money for 
roads already - why not rail and cycling? Efficient cities are good for 
the whole country - most people live in cities, and lower oil demand 
helps the bush.
- Reform tax system, abolish perverse incentive to drive more. Remove 
salary packaging of cars, or at least allow packaging of public transport.
- Refer to Amory Lovins' 'Winning the Oil Endgame', 
http://www.oilendgame.com/. In particular, his feebates idea for 
improving car efficiency.

I'm sure there's more ideas...


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