[CAMWEST-discuss] Senate Inquiry into Australia's future oilsupply

Graham gheap at bigpond.net.au
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A response for this type of discussion would normally fall to the BUG's & 
Advocacy Committee which is chaired by Andrew Dodds.  I'm second chair on 
this committee and will raise it at our next BUG's & Advocacy Committee 
meeting of course all are welcome to attend and present there views etc to 
the committee.

If interested let me know.  The next meeting date is still to be set by 
Andrew following the AGM

Graham H

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I suppose the question is whether we make a formal submission under the 
Camwest name,
whether BNSW is making a submission or Bicycle Australia?

would a submission under a group name carry more weight than from 

Mark R

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up and at'em submission writers:


- More cycling infrastructure!
- Stress how cycling is cheap, low risk, and has many beneficial side
effects. Below an old letter to the editor re this:
The great thing about most solutions to our excessive dependence on
petrol is that they're cheap, risk-free and have collateral benefits.
For example, the 'downside' of building safe cycleways to schools
(assuming for a moment that petrol prices dropped tomorrow) would be
healthier kids, calmer parents, cleaner air, safer roads, and quieter
neighbourhoods. I can put up with that.
- Factor in much higher long term oil prices when planning infrastructure.
- More rail: Parra-Epping line, fast rail linking
Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong, perhaps eventually growing to Brisbane,
Canberra, and Melbourne.
- Federal funding for public transport in cities. They give money for
roads already - why not rail and cycling? Efficient cities are good for
the whole country - most people live in cities, and lower oil demand
helps the bush.
- Reform tax system, abolish perverse incentive to drive more. Remove
salary packaging of cars, or at least allow packaging of public transport.
- Refer to Amory Lovins' 'Winning the Oil Endgame',
http://www.oilendgame.com/. In particular, his feebates idea for
improving car efficiency.

I'm sure there's more ideas...


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