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Dear Folks,

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From: "Jesse Watson" <jwatson at bicyclensw.org.au>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 16:26:31 +1100
To: <info at camwest.pps.com.au>
Subject: NSW Big ride '06

To whom it may concern,
my name is Jesse Watson and I am a representative of Bicycle NSW. Our
organisation organises an event called the NSW Big ride (www.bigride.com.au)
which is held in late February next year. At the moment we are trying to
promote this event as much as possible before Christmas.
To the point, I was wondering if it would be at all possible to get a link to
our event website placed in the links section as well as the events section on
your site as this event will probably be of interest to your members. Would it
also be possible to get a mention of our event in your newsletter if you have
We are also happy to have links added to our website for you if you would like.
If you would like more information please visit our websites or email me and
Thankyou very much for your time, I look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely,
Jesse Watson

Bicycle New South Wales Inc

L5, 822 George St SYDNEY NSW 2000

P: 02 9218 5400 F: 02 9281 6099

E: events at bicyclensw.org.au

W: www.bigride.com.au

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