[CAMWEST-discuss] Re: Initial thoughts on M7 shared path

Berny Leslie bernyl at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jan 13 08:26:34 UTC 2006

I agree that the cycleway is fantastic. I ride it every day and it's just
great not to have the worry of motor vehicles. I'm yet to do a night ride
but by all accounts it's everything you'd expect considering the most
generous lighting. I agree there are a few things that need attention,
particularly the on/off access at Mavis St Rooty Hill which is currently
badly mud effected and needs a general cleanup. The gravel transition from
concrete to bitumen is also still to be finished. Blacktown Council? I hope

Two concerns I have are;
1. The northern transition to Station St. roadside has only two bollards,
each placed in the centre of the riding/walking lanes leaving only one
through lane in the centre of the pathway. Other similar transitions have
three bollards providing two through lanes which are much more easily
negotiated and considerably safer.
2. At the Eastern St. access pathways there is no ramp from the roadside
pathway to the road on the southern exit going west. I'm not sure about the
eastern side.

Another cause of considerable worry is the aparent behaviour of the local
youths using the pathway between Richmond Rd. and the Grt. Western Hwy. The
grafiti idiots have been hard at work making their hidious displays at every
possible opportunity and I was advised by two cycle police I encountered
this week riding the path, that there have been a concerning number of
incidents where stones have been thrown at vehicles on the motorway causing
damage with the possibility of a fatality given the right cercumstances. I
was asked to report and suspicious activity directly to Mt. Druitt police
(96250000) and they even suggested piuctures would be a big help. I can only
suggest that we ask as many users as we can to be vigilant and help with
reporting to try to limit this stupid behaviour.

There always seems to be enough fools and idiots to make something wonderful
into something as shabby as is possible.

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