[CAMWEST-discuss] getting past Parramatta CBD

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Thu Feb 2 02:01:41 UTC 2006

G'day All,

There has recently been much discussion on our email list about potential routes
from Westmead to Granville. Whilst most cyclits have their favourite routes to 
Parramatta Park from the West and North West, getting access from there to the M4
shared path at Granville is proving difficult without encountering one of cycling's
three enemies; extra distance, hills, or heavy traffic; on either the inwards or return trip.

After considering all the known options I recently realised that the shortest option was
also the flatest option, straight down the middle of George Street. This is my usual route
on early morning Sunday rides when the CBD is empty of traffic. Low traffic weekday bypasses
either encounter Mays Hill or the hill in Good Street, Granville on the return trip.
During week day peak hours cyclists with the confidence to occupy an entire lane can quickly 
cover the 500 metres between these 2 points, but for those without this confidence, 
the 2 points may as well be 10 kilometres apart.

When measuring the return trip time from the Park to Granville, of the available options, the 
route smack through the middle of the CBD to the Rail Trail provides the fastest return trip due to it's direct
and flat nature.

With the future opening of the North-West T-Way and it's associated shared path which I 
understand will terminate in Parramatta Park there becomes a greater need 
to join these 2 facilities with a low traffic, flat and direct cycle route.
Creation of the Parramatta-Liverpool managed to penetrate the CBD all the way to the 
railway station. To be of use to cyclists travelling past Parramatta the new facility
needs to join the Park exit into Macquarie St adjacent to the RSL with the end of the Rail Trail.
The footpath at the Park exit near George Street is too narrow and dangerous to be a regional cycling route.

I can fully see the challenge that this will be. The Parramatta CBD does not appear to
contain any vacant corridors. I do not anticpate any instant solutions, but for cycling
around Parramatta to move from a fringe transport mode to an option used by a large number of commuters,
 a solution needs to be found.

Mark Robson
ph 9827 0738


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