[CAMWEST-discuss] T-way Shared Path

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Sun Mar 11 23:12:25 UTC 2007

> Hi Kate,

I regularly ride many sections of the other T-Way, Liverpool - Parra;
and you may be interested to know there is still a segment of it that is not 
built to Austroads standard. It's an old pathway that's been there since the
M4 motorway was built through Mays Hill in the 1980's, jammed between the houses and 
a stormwater drain, it would appear to cost huge dollars to bring up to proper width,
so it's just been left and connected to at both ends. Typically I'd say it's 1.8 metres 
wide with maybe a couple of narrower squeeze points. It goes for about half a kilometre
from Coleman St to the new bridge across Findlayson Creek next to Allen St, Wentworthville.

It IS a through route for cyclists, and SOME of the old grey steel barriers have been 
replaced with  fancy new yellow bollards, but Austroads width is IS NOT.

If this issue interests you I'd be happy to get some photos for you. Ian McIndoe and I have 
been threatening to do a saddle survey of sections of the Liverpool-Parra T-Way, perhaps
that would be a way to raise this issue.


Mark Robson

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