[CAMWEST-discuss] Cyclist needing safe map and route

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Fri Aug 10 16:08:47 UTC 2007

Dear Bjorn,

On 11/08/07 00:20 +1000, bjorn brun wrote:
>Dear Madam/Sir
>I have been cycling for 3 years now. Since I have started my new job 
>in the city I am wanting to cycle to work from Parramatta to the 
>Sydney City CBD.
>Can you recommend a relatively safe off-road preferably path to get 
>me into the city and out home again.
>Please feel free to recommend any suggestions towards my problem

When the Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG) meetings were held in UTS, I
would ride there from Granville along the M4 to Sydney St in N
Strathfield, then along Gips St, Queens Rd, then I think Fairlight
Street, Ingham Ave, Minnesota Ave, the off road path along Henley
Marine Drive, the waterfront path past UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, the
path over Anzac Bridge, and on through Lilyfield Road.
Part of that route is shown here:

I find Queens Road the busiest part, and it is probably better to find
alternatives.  I will be going on Friday 31 August to the IBM
buildingh in Darling Harbour, and will probably look for a better
alternative route before I go.

There is also the Parramatta Valley Cycleway, part of which is shown

Have a few searches on Bikely.com, and you may find a reasonable sort
of route that would suit you.  Don't forget to go to the RTA and get
yourself a free cycling map.

I am not very experienced with Sydney, as I have lived overseas for
many years, and am getting to know what routes are available.  I'll
send this to the CAMWEST-discuss list; there are some who would have
better suggestions.
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