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I was at the BNSW Board Meeting last night & this matter WAS NOT bought to my attention by either Alex or the Board Meeting. 

I would suggest that we arrange a meeting with some interested people such as Ian MacIndoe, Michael Gourd, the new cycling person from Parra City Council, the cycleways committee & anyone or everyone  that has an interest in this area.

Some areas for thought are the missing link in the Transitway path, some increased signage & linking to the Toongabbie Creek Cycle ways, some links from the Parra CBD to the Parra valley Cycleway & the M4 Cycleway, tributary paths to all the above. There is also good cause to have some discussion with the Fairfield City Council & Fairfield BUGS as there are some very positve things happening in that area.

There may be a need to see where CAMWest is headed as BNSW is doing something with the BUGS finally & there is a big space in BUG coverage from Blacktown to Penrith that is worth considering.

Any other ideas and comments would be welcomed & encouraged.

Also keep a look out for guttermonkey, a new website coming in the next few days, a serious route marker in the vein of bikely.com, only beter, I am told..

John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

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Just wondering if you know if anything is happening in Parramatta for Ride
o Work day. I am 3 regular commuters at my work and would love to meet
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Dear CAMWESTies,
there may be a few more of you who have some good ideas about what to
und around Parramatta.
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ubject: FW: federal election HEAT proposal
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Email is self explanatory, is anybody from the Parra connection able to take
his request from the BFA on.  I'm more aligned to issues within Blacktown &
awksberry so a bit out of contact with what the latest issues are in Parra.
Please advise so I can pass a response back to Jeff.
Alex Unwin from BNSW has asked that he be kept in the loop on this request
nd whoever is able to take it on Alex would also like to discuss.
Graham Heap
Windsor Cyclist
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ubject: federal election HEAT proposal
As Alex indicated in his recent email we are seeking some examples in the
arramatta electorate of local govt cycling infrastructure projects that
ould be suitable for the feds to fund under the under the infrastructure
roposal (HEAT) that the cycling sector is pushing for the coming election.

As the Parramatta electorate is maginal, and has a keen cyclist MP already,
ulie Owens ALP, it might be a good way to generate some infrastructure for
he area and spome publicity for the proposal in general.
Can you or other Camwesties help us put up a sample infrastructure project?
Would the Toongabbie Creek Regional Cycleway be suitable, or is there a
etter project that has been worked up but remains unfunded?  it needs to be
 project that local govt would build, rather than RTA.
It also needs to be in the Parra electorate, which covers Wharf Rd Ermington
n the east to Girraween Creek, Toongabbie in the west and from North Rocks
d Carlingford in the north to the M4 Motorway in the south. The main
uburbs include Carlingford, Dundas, Dundas Valley, Ermington, Girraween,
arris Park, North Parramatta, North Rocks, Northmead, Oatlands, Old
oongabbie, Parramatta, Pendle Hill, Rosehill, Rydalmere, Telopea,
oongabbie, Wentworthville, Westmead and Winston Hills. 
there's a map at http://www.aec.gov.au/profiles/p/parramatta.htm
The HEAT proposal can be downloaded from
ww.vote4cycling.com.au/intro/?IntCatId=36 It includes 3 sample projects.
s it's a hefty file to email, I've copied the summary below and attached a
ample we worked up with Dubbo BUG.
what we like you to do at this stage is:
- identify a suitable project
- prepare a 2 page summary based on the other samples we've worked up.
Ben Eliston is help edit the examples we're collecting around the country,
nd can help edit yours.  We'll cover laising with ministers and shadow
Later we can dicsuss with you how we can promote the proposal in the
if you can help pls reply all.
Jeff Ibbotson
resident, Bicycle Federation of Australia
el: 02 6281 5920 h 0427 755 920 m
resident at bfa.asn.au
Some Problems Facing Australia
All Australians are facing a range of challenges that impact on their
ealth, quality of life in our communities and ability to move around in an
ffordable and sustainable manner. Issues such as obesity, increases in
otor vehicle traffic and climate change are complex, expensive to address
nd the solutions difficult to implement when the solutions require action
cross a range of government portfolio areas. 
Obesity costs Australia $21 billion annually. A 30 minute bike trip each day
rovides all the exercise needed to halve the chance of becoming obese or
iabetic. Traffic congestion costs the Australian economy $9.4 billion each
ear. Encouraging people to replace some of their short trips by bicycle is
 cost effective way to reduce congestion. The Australian community is
ecoming increasingly aware of the issue of climate change. Reducing car use
s a practical way of lessening greenhouse gas emissions. Almost 50% of
rips in Australian cities are less than 5km - many of these trips could be
ade by bicycle.
A Practical Solution
Improved cycling and walking infrastructure can be a practical solution to
ackle climate change; reduce activity related diseases such as obesity and
iabetes; decrease traffic congestion; and provide a viable transport option
or short trips. 
Policy Proposal
The Australian cycling sector proposes that the Federal Government
stablishes an infrastructure funding program of $50 million each year for
our years for local government to build cycling and walking facilities.
The program would fund significant, high-quality cycling and walking
nfrastructure projects, providing health, transport, environment and
ommunity benefits across urban, regional and rural areas.
Demonstrated Need
Local governments have seen increased demand for cycling facilities and many
re struggling financially to keep up with this and other demands on their
esources. This program would enable councils to implement their bike plans
ooner, providing practical choices for their local community and visitors. 
Implementing the National Cycling Strategy
This proposal is consistent with the priorities of the National Cycling
trategy, which has been endorsed by all Federal, State and Territory
ransport ministers. Priority 3 of the strategy states "Improved provision
f infrastructure and facilities for cycling including cycling networks,
nd-of-trip facilities and directional signage will encourage more people to
ycle. Australian, state, territory and local governments will play
omplementary roles in the creation of cycling infrastructure and

             Dundullimal Reserve Cycleway Extension, Dubbo, NSW

Dubbo City Council
ederal electorate: Parkes

escription of the Project
A 5km walking track and cycle-way extension of the Tracker Riley Cycleway
o the Western Plains Zoo.  It would complete a scenic loop back into Dubbo
rom the Zoo via the National Trust’s Dundullimal Homestead and across the
acquarie River near the railway bridge.
[bridge photo goes here]
The Benefits
The project would bring a range of benefits:
    • Recreation – completing the loop will increase the value of the
     Tracker Riley Cycleway enhancing its utility as a safe, healthy and
     enjoyable facility for the Dubbo’s community of nearly 40,000 to
     exercise, to walk or ride bicycles or just to enjoy the scenery.
     Dubbo’s two cycle shops have sold about 1,000 bicycles in the last 12
     months.  This facility will get those bikes ridden more often, as only
     regular exercise will counter high levels of obesity (especially
     amongst children) and heart disease.
   • Tourism – The scenic loop would encourage more visitors to ride to
     Western Plains Zoo.  Dundullimal accessed, They could then easily ride
     on to Dundullimal, the National Trust’s historic 1840s homestead,
     would be easier to get to as the path will be next to its entrance
     road.  The ride back into town would cross the Macquarie River next to
     a heritage railway bridge.
   • Local business – local bike hire bike servicing and sales, cafes and
     other food outlets will all benefit.  Dubbo accommodation would
     benefit from visitors staying longer.
   • Staff at the Zoo and other sites along the route will benefit from the
     healthy option of riding to work.
   • The project would also be a lasting and useable monument to the people
     who helped open up and develop the region.
Status of the Project
Dubbo Council supports the project and has been put aside $100,000 for
ngineering reports and feasibility studies.  Council favours a concrete
ath. A concrete surface provides greater amenity for users and lower
aintenance costs.  However, bridging the Macquarie River for walkers and
iders would take more money than councils like Dubbo have at their
Federal funding would make this proposal a reality.
[map goes here]

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