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Letters written to the Mayor of Parramatta Council and your local state member are going to be the most effective in getting the cycleway opened.  The work of lobbyung has got the cycleway built, it only requires some negotiations between the various bodies for it to be open.

Letters will give them the motivation to negotiate.
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I am happy to help along with some colleagues. Let us know. Maybe I can spare a day and generate a pamphlet, stand on a the corner of BP, asking for support of people who are inconvenienced daily but this unnecessary detour.

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I haven't used this forum so I don't really know how it works. 
Anyway, I have observed that Parramatta council have built a short section of cycleway that joins the western end of South Street Rydalmere with the UWS campus cycleway. The South street cycleway includes a new bridge so it is an expensive short section but will offer a safe alternative to Victoria road. All the works have been completed for at least a year, perhaps longer, but have been fenced off. The result is that people still need to use the footpath on Victoria Road to get to the UWS campus.
I rang Parramatta Council about this today and they said it was simply an issue of getting the solicitors from the council and the Rheem factory (owners of some of the land) to finalise some paperwork. Apparently it has been at this stage for a very long time.
I was wondering if CAMWEST had tried to exert some influence to accelerate the opening? If not could this be done? I had thought about writing to Council but I expect a cycling association would have better leverage.

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