[CAMWEST-discuss] Rydalmere Cycleway Closure

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Wed Sep 26 00:49:18 UTC 2007

G'Day James and welcome to the list,
As far as I know it's the bridge itself that is shut. Reference to the 'cycleway' closure is that now
the point is there is no longer a through route from Parramatta to Silverwater Bridge via that route.
So in essence the cyclepath is closed as it can't be used. Of course nothing stopping you from riding
 from Parramatta up through the industrial area to the shut bridge and riding back.
You are spot on about going via Rydalmere station. A few years ago I lived at North Parra and rode this way a lot. I found
 it much better to go via the Victorai Rd footpath over Rydalmere station than via that awful bridge. Then you can sneak
 through the Uni grounds and there's a short path under James RUse Drive into Thomas St, then over the Elizabeth 
St bridge into Parra. I reckon this is far better than the industrial area, though that was pretty much OK at dawn on weekends.
The new North-West T-way is alongside Old Windsor Road. It's supposed to be continuous off-road cyclepath all the way from
Parramatta Park to Windsor, but the forgot to build the bit between the Cumberland Highway and Hammers Road at Northmead.
There's a rough detour via Doig St if you can find it through the noise wall.
Mark Robson

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Have just joined this list and noticed the thread on the cycleway closure at Rydalmere.
I know the Thackeray St bridge is being intermittently closed for the next six months, but where is the closed cycleway that is being talked about? I often ride along the Parramatta Valley Cycleway to Rydalmere Wharf, and I often wheel my bike along the footpath for a couple of blocks between there and Rydalmere station where the path is. It's a lot better than riding through the industrial area when the trucks are around... is part of this route closed or is this just a reference to a part of the route that hasn't yet been built?

And I also noticed a mention about the T-way cycle path being closed? Where is this?




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