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Dear CAMWESTies,

Some fighting words from Ken Hall about the direction of BNSW.

Please also read the mail from Leigh Gibbens below.

BNSW have their annual general meeting this Wednesday evening.  It is
probably worth attending to express your view in the voting.

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Hi Folks
I have just received an email from Andrew Dodds re Bug Council next Wednesday

It is my intention to be there. I thought I would inform everyone of
MacBUG's issues prior to the day but request that Andrew Dodds read
this out if I cannot make it.

Leigh Gibbens and I decided to establish a data collection project a
couple of weeks ago based mainly on our frustration at the lack of
support from Bicycle NSW.  MacBUG has never received any support from
Bicycle NSW in including dealing with local advocacy issues, hostile
councils. Our communications has rarely received a response.

What we are discussing is client - customer relations. 

Bicycle NSW is a BUG client and we support them in a variety of
ways. With fees, volunteers etc but we get next to nothing in return.

The BUG's are Bicycle NSW clients, we get nothing in the way of
services at the grass roots level which is where the focus should be,
BUIG's appear to be totally ignored.  Even the BUG Council topics are
controlled by Andrew. I have an email stating what subjects we could
discuss at the next BUG Council written only a few weeks ago.

Six years ago I started a Campbelltown Bushwalking Club called the
Mountain Devils. The fees were $25 and the insurance element $15, six
years later the fees are $30 and the insurance element $15.

I joiner Pedal Power yesterday. The membership is $100 per family or
$60 per individual and valid throughout Australia.  Same coverage for
what we receive from Bicycle NSW.  With Bicycle NSW my family fees are
$120, where does it go? Bicycle NSW claims 10,000 members therefore
have a lot of clout when negotiating with insurance companies. They
don't seem to be doing very well.

Elizabeth Holt visited Dr Andrew Macdonald Labour MP for Glenfield
(part of Macarthur) obviously to discuss cycling issues. To this day I
have no idea what was discussed. I do know that when I broached the
subject with her she wasn't happy and quite aggressive but later

It was reported from a reliable source that members of Bicycle NSW
have said in the past that it really isn't important if the BUG's move
Away!!!! Obviously there is sufficient funding at state and federal
level to support them without BUG fees ensuring employment.

As the president of the Mountain Devils Bushwalking club I was
entitled to represent the club on Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs
NSW Inc committees. All club business was carried out by committees
comprised of presidents or representatives of the clubs. It was
democratically run with all members and all clubs receiving full

The secretary / office manager was a full time employee, the rest were
all volunteers as described previously. Income was derived from fees,
web site advertising and advertisements placed in the magazine.

The focus was on bushwalking, its promotion and the clubs, it wasn't a
career path into politics as Bicycle NSW appears to be.

Bicycle NSW is a full time professionally run organisation but its
services are not superior or professional compared to the
bushwalkers. Bicycle NSW also appears to achieve little at state

Pat Farmer, Federal MP Campbelltown recently brought up the issue of
cyclists paying a tax. The local newspaper interviewed me then I
requested assistance from Bicycle NSW and CPF asking for a press
release to counteract Pat Farmers suggestion before it hit the
national newspapers. The CPF responded immediately and I had a press
release the same did plus the CPF sent it immediately to the local
newspapers. Bicycle NSW didn't even respond to my email.


Leigh Gibbens email to you all is attached to this email so I will not
rewrite it. But the issues are very clear.

The way I see it is:
   1. to join another organisation which I have already done by joining
      Pedal Power for insurance purposes as a temporary measure.
   2. Start a new organisation with sufficient members to approach the
      insurance companies for funding and challenge the Bicycle NSW
      monopoly on state / federal government funding.
   3. Hope that Bicycle NSW will change its attitude.
My allegiance is to MacBUG and its members. In future I will be
advising the following on behalf of MacBUG members and newcomers

Stop promotion of Bicycle NSW in any media.  Publish this letter on
the news page and home page of the MacBUG website.

Ken Hall

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    *Sent:* Thursday, July 10, 2008 12:15 PM
    *Subject:* BNSW - further information

    To all NSW BUG leaders and other interested parties,

    I sent you all a group email on 28th June in order to gain some
    feedback about issues you may like to have solved by BNSW.  My
    purpose, as stated was to collect that information and present it to
    BNSW after the closing date of 31st July.

    In the meantime, Alex Unwin (CEO, BNSW) received a copy of the email
    and invited me to a meeting with Jenny Burn (Chairperson of the
    Board of BNSW) last Monday night (7th July).  The purpose of this
    meeting, I believe, was for Jenny and Alex to enlighten me regarding
    BNSW's broad strategy and policy position and for me to explain to
    them some of the issues that prompted my taking on this project.

    I will summarise in this email the outcome of that meeting.  Within
    the next few days I will publish, on the Macarthur BUG web site,
    more detail about what took place at the meeting and publish on the
    same web page where your feedback is being published
    (http://home.iprimus.com.au/kenhall/towncryer.html ) :

        * BNSW will not put any resources (by which I mean funds or paid
          staff) into supporting BUGs - Andrew Dodds, who runs the BUGs
          Council does so as a volunteer and if I wish to support
          Andrew, I would be welcome, but also as a volunteer.
        * Any improvements that BUG members would like to see must be
          implemented by the BUGs themselves through Andrew Dodds or
          amongst the volunteer BUG members themselves.
        * BNSW wishes to restrict its dealings to implementing the
          2007-2010 Strategic Plan, as presented at the 2007 AGM.
        * BNSW sees itself as operating at the Federal and State levels
          and will not put any resources into local or regional projects.
        * The only events that BNSW are interested in allocating
          resources to are the Spring Cycle, Gear-up Girl and as
          co-hosts of the Ride to work and Ride to School programs with
          Bike Victoria.
        * The stated policy of BNSW is to get "more people cycling more
          often", which does not mean they will place resources into
          building the membership numbers of BNSW as people can ride
          bikes without being members.
        * BNSW employ a "Volunteer and Operations Coordinator"
          (currently Michelle Herbert), who is the contact person for
          all Volunteers who wish to communicate with BNSW.
        * BNSW have no intention of running a NSW Big Ride in the
          future, but both Alex and Jenny said if I was interested in
          doing so, then that would be great.  However, BNSW will not
          provide any resources (as above - funds or paid staff).  All
          Big Ride equipment has been sold.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any specific questions
    about the above summary, but bear in mind I will publish details
    within a week.


    Leigh Gibbens
    17 Kethel Road,
    Cheltenham  NSW  2119
    Phone +61 2 9484 4093
    Fax     +61 2 9484 0353
    Mobile +61 2 433 570 920 (no mobile reception when at home ? sms only)

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