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G'day all,
I attended the below conference and flew the flag for CAMWEST.
All the right things were said for all the right reasons, peak oil, air pollution, green house gases, health, obesity, social cohesion, more livable communities, economics etc., preaching to the converted stuff.
But the bottom line is:
NSW Budget for cycling facilities $5,000,000.00
NSW Budget for World Youth Day celebrations $120,000,000.00
I don't begrudge the budget for the World Youth Day but with that much support the NSW Government could have required the Catholic Church to source all its services from NSW instead of from all over the world.
And boy wouldn't be nice to get $120,000,000.00 or even more a year for cycling.
I must complement the organisers,  The food was of high quality and plenty of it.  A thing dear to the hearts/stomachs of cyclists.
Roads and Transport 
Item 19: Free ‘On Your Bike’ Active Transport Conferences 
The ‘On Your Bike’ conference is jointly hosted by the Department of Environment and Climate Change and the NSW Premier’s Council for Active Living and will launch new policy and project initiatives to make cycling in NSW easier, safer and more convenient. 
The ‘On Your Bike’ conferences will be held in three locations, with the agenda adapted to bring a regional focus: 
            • Sydney – Monday 21 July at Waterview Convention Centre, Bicentennial Park , Sydney Olympic Park 
            • Newcastle – Thursday 24 July at Newcastle Jockey Club, Darling St , Broadmeadow 
            • Shellharbour – Wednesday 30 July at Addison’s Restaurant and Function Centre, 25 Addison Street , Shellharbour Village 
Conferences will be held from 8.30am to 4pm, and are free of charge. 
The conferences will be opened by the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, the Hon. Verity Firth, MP. 
The key note address will be given by Mr Christian Wolmar, Britain ’s leading transport commentator. For much of the past decade Mr Wolmar has sat on various government boards aimed at promoting cycling, including his role on the Cycling England Board. Come and hear Mr Wolmar’s commentary on Europe ’s success in dealing with the challenge of combating car dependency and climate change through visionary policy. 
The conference is an opportunity for decision-makers in state and local government to hear from experts working on a variety of aspects including cycling planning, safety, infrastructure and proficiency. Speakers include: 
            • Lord Mayor Clover Moore (City of Sydney ) 
            • Libby Darlison (Chair, Premier’s Council for Active Living) 
            • Matt Faber (RTA) 
            • Elizabeth Hole (Bicycle NSW) 
            • Dr Rod Katz (AustCycle and Amy Gillett Foundation) 
            • Sergeant Matthew Bransdon (NSW Police) 
            • Frank Wallner (Healthy Cities Illawarra) 
There will also be an opportunity to put forward your views on the next phase of bicycle planning in NSW. 
Contact and registration 
If you or a colleague would like to attend, please RSVP to the Sydney , Newcastle or Shellharbour conference at OnYourBike at environment.nsw.gov.au by Friday 11 July 2008. For more information please phone 02 9995 6360. 
 danny_hannan at yahoo.com  

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