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????????my main advice to you is DON'T DO IT!!

Generally you get what you pay for & $129.00 for a bike is just asking for a lot of grief. With your size & power output, the bike would last you about 10 rides if you were lucky. They are designed for light weight riders & limited riding.

On the recent ride from Broken Hill to Alice, one of the riders did ride a $130-00 Big W Special. It was a Repco bike & the last time I saw it, he had completed about 1200Ks of the ride. The front shocks had ceased to work & their was limited travel in the rear. The frame & wheels had held up fairly well & he was still continuing on to Darwin on it. There were some funny noises coming from all over the bike as well. There was a second one on the ride that a mate used as a back up when his very expensive bike died on day two ( mechanical failure due to an apprentice working on it at the bike shop & not adjusting the deralleur limit screws properly).

The front shocks died on day one & the bottom bracket was making some funny noises after two days

The best thing you can do is nurse your old bike along for as long as you can & while doing this, put some of the savings from petrol towards a fund to buy a new bike. I'm sure that you could also locate something quite good on the second hand market through some of the CAMWEST Members.

Speak to you more about it at the meeting.

John Holstein
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Did anybody see the bikes that Super Cheap Auto were flogging off for $129 in their latest catalouge? 

Yes its cheap. the instructions aren't in english (although most people should be able to work it out without them), but i'm considering it as I need to spend some money on my bike and this would work out cheaper to start with something else even as a second bike. It is cheap in some areas, but for the riding that i do (not extreme), i think it would stand up to it.

Main Cons for Me.....

* Hannah's baby seat won't be able to be put on it?

* there doesn't appear to be an easy way to put it on my cars bike rack.

Your opinions????

Mark Rutledge

attesa at bigpond.net.au


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