[CAMWEST-discuss] Cycling from Parra to Strathfield

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Hi Belinda,
Depending on where you're going in Strathfield, the route below might help.
You could use this to get to the east side of Rookwood Cemetery, and then
follow Barker Rd and left at Albert Rd (which may be blocked) or Oxford Rd.
I think these roads are pretty quiet though I haven't ridden on them.


If you're referring to the Parramatta Valley cycleway, that's accessed from
Thomas St at North Parramatta. The cycleway commences just before James
Ruse drive, goes under that road, through the University of western Sydney,
then crosses a couple of streets before coming out at South St Rydalmere.
You can follow South St to until John St where you turn right, and join the
pathway again at the Ferry terminal. This continues under Silverwater
bridge, though then it gets tricky because of the development going on. You
need to turn left after going under the bridge, then ride into the path
coming from the access road on the right.
It's a bit of a meander through there at present but you can get through to
the other side where you rejoin the PVC near the water. Not as
straightforward as it should be! It would be a fair bit longer to travel to
Strathfield this way.


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Dear CAMWESTies,
would anyone be able to help Belinda?

On 02/10/08 20:20 +1000, Belinda Yi wrote:

>Just an interested cyclist thinking of riding to work in Strathfield
>from Parra and noticed that you mentioned a cycleway.. Can you give
>me some directions on the best route or point me in the right
>direction for the "valley cycleway"?

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