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Have you recently been involved in a pedal cycle or motor cycle crash?          
If you have recently been involved in a pedal or motor cycle crash, and if you had impact to the helmeted head (regardless of whether an injury occurred), then the University of New South Wales, School of Risk and Safety Sciences wishes to invite you to participate in the helmet performance study.  

 Participating in the study will involve: 

  a.. A brief interview about the crash 
  b.. Review medical records related only to this crash 
  c.. Examination of your bike, helmet and clothing worn at the time of the crash 
  d.. Basic anthropometrical measurements 
 If you would like more information about becoming involved in this research, please contact: 
 Edgar Schilter  ~  Research Assistant 

Tel: (02) 9385 9824    Fax: (02) 9385 6190 

Email: edgar.s at unsw.edu.au  

Dr Toh Yen Pang  ~  Research Associate 

Tel: (02) 9385 5992    Fax: (02) 9385 6190 

Email: toh.pang at unsw.edu.au 

 Kim Thai  ~  PhD Student 

Tel: (02) 9385 9824    Fax: (02) 9385 6190 

Email: k.thai at student.unsw.edu.au  

 Alternatively, you can register your details online at: www.srss.unsw.edu.au/research/helmetstudy.html 

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