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Thanks Rob,
Does answer my questions and does afford a good rate of return.

For anyone interested:

With the NSW state legislation that all renwable power produced will be paid for at 60c/kWhr.
It is now an economically viable proposition to install photovoltaic pannels if you have a north facing roof that is not shaded.  As much as you want to spend.  You should go close to paying for the system in the 7 years of the scheme but they have a 25 year plus life.

If not in that aspect situation you would have to work out the additional cost of the structure necessary to face the pannels north.

And yes the scheme should be applauded.

 danny_hannan at yahoo.com 

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A 1 kW PV system (which is the max you can get the current rebate for)
will produce around 4 kWh in Sydney (+/- say 10%, if no significant
shading and reasonable orientation) per day, averaged over the year. 
This can be scaled up linearly (eg 2 kW system produces around 8 kWh per
day etc).
Not sure what the current price of a 1 kW system is after all the
rebates, but you could reasonably expect to get paid 60 c/kWh * 4 kWh *
365 days * 7 years = $6,132.  (This assumes you take full advantage of
the life of the scheme which is 7 years).  Not sure about any tax
implications - I'll leave you to work that one out!

There are several metering schemes in use around Australia, choice
usually dictated by the power compnay.  I have separate meters that
measure power produced and consumed, so no new meters required (unless
they want to start charging for various shoulder rates, which will
probably be mandatory for everyone eventually).  From my understanding
Integral Energy have gone this way.  Energy Australia, on the other
hand, measure Net input/output, so people with these systems would
probably required an additional meter (Approx $300 - assuming your meter
board has room to accommodate another meter!)

Hope this helps!

- Rob

On Mon, Nov 16th, 2009 at 10:06 AM, Danny Hannan
<danny_hannan at yahoo.com> wrote:

> G'day Rob,
> Just a question on the new 60c per kWhr feedin tarrif for reneable
> power production.
> My rough calculations indicate this will return a gross 13% return on
> the money invested.  Can you confirm the return?  But you would have
> to pay tax at your marginal rate on the returns.
> From my understanding you would have to have a special meter to
> measure the feedin whether you used it or it went into the grid. 
> Please confirm.
> Dan
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