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Fellow CAMWESTies & Parramatta City Councillors,

The email I have forwarded to you below gives some raw data on the recent Super Tuesday Bike Counts conducted by Bicycle Victoria on Tuesday 7th March 2010 between 0700 & 0900 hrs. http://www.bv.com.au/bike-futures/91111/ Please follow the link. Parramatta's detail can be found by following the link on the right hand side of the web page.

A total of 511 bicycles were counted during that period at 21 sites around Parramatta. The bicycles were counted travelling both towards & from Parramatta & I believe further details of their actual direction of these movements have been made available to relevant Councils. There were many more proposed counting sites identified, but due to a lack of volunteers, many were not attended.

Several sites had the potential to count the same bicycles and that is reflected in some of the figures. An example of this is the Parramatta Valley Cycleway which carried the largest amount of traffic. There were four counting points on that section being Elizabeth St / Thomas St (51 riders) James Ruse Drive/ Thomas St (50 riders) South St & Park Rd Rydalmere ( 51 Riders) & Clyde St / South St Rydalmere (46 Riders) . It could be assumed then that a large number of these riders may have been the same person counted four times. I have taken those factors into account when compiling my numbers.

The method used in counting was to divide the intersections into sectors & record the movements accordingly. That information would provide more detail on the possible destinations of the riders. Examples being Westmead Children's Hospital & UWS Rydalmere, both destinations that could provide termination points for trips, as well as being trip generators. 

>From analysing the possible trip generators & termination points I believe there was an approximate  total of 313 separate bicycle trips into & away from Parramatta counted during that 2 hour period.

Whilst looking at this data & analysing it, please be aware that there are several factors to be taken into account. The time frame for the count was to be strictly adhered to & an example is the point where I was counting, James Ruse Drive & Thomas Street. There were a further 15 cyclists counted during the period I was setting up & leaving the site that were not included in the count as they didn't fall into the correct time frame. There were an equal amount of pedestrians using the shared path at that point, being close to the UWS Campus. Several pedestrians admitted to usually cycling the route, but had not done so on that morning due to the inclement weather. At the same time, it became impossible to count the number of cars using James Ruse Drive, but it was very noticeable that almost without exception most of the traffic was single occupant cars backed up to Thomas Street from the Hassall St lights during the busiest periods.

I look forward to hearing any comments on those figures.

John Holstein 
President,CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West. 

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed" (Professor Irwin Corey 
American vaudeville comic and actor (1914 - ) )

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Good Morning.
We have now completed the data analysis of all the Super Tuesday Count figures and sent full reports to each participating Local Government.
As indicated in the lead up to Super Tuesday, we have put on our website all the participating municipalities’ count figures as well as the National Report, which provides a snapshot to the figures collected around the country.
Please click on the link provided to view the Super Tuesday Count Data: http://www.bv.com.au/bike-futures/91111/ 
Once again, many thanks to your participation in Super Tuesday and we look forward to your participation again next year.
The Super Tuesday Team
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