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Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
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Hi Barbera,

Boral have responded to the tremendous pressure placed on them by the community
and now open the path from about 7am to 5 pm every day of the week.

They have built what I would call a 'gate crossing' across the affected cycle path.

During the excavation working hours the gate is closed for cyclists and when someone arrives the
friendly security guard opens the gate for you to pass. On Sundays they mostly
just leave the gate open as no trucks need to pass through on the main road.

Don't expect the quality of the old cyclepath though, the flat gradient of the old path in that area is gone, as that
piece of ground would now be 8 metre in air, so there is now a small valley to ride through,
and usually there's lot's of dirt and mud on the path edges, so take it steady the first time you go through there.

Finished it is NOT, the massive road work there continues but you can ride through there Ok.


Mark Robson

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Dear CAMWESTies,

Can anyone help Barbara here?

It has been a very long time since I rode there with my son.  At that
time, it was open on weekends only.

On 11/06/10 09:00 +1000, Barbara Darmanin wrote:
>Hi Nick ,
>I'm a member of Bike North.
>Could you please tell me if the cycle route around/through the
>pipeline-Prospect Reservoir Park has been finished?  We tried to ride
>there last winter and had a bit of an epic getting around the Boral
>diggings and on to the Fairfield cyclepath.( The Horsley Drive was
>not pleasant!)
>Cheers,Barbara Darmanin.
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