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Cityrail policy for bicycles is free after 9am and weekends but half fare for the morning peak.
This raises the cost but I agree.

We need globally to move very rapidly away from motorised transport to rail, shipping and human powered.  I am working on my probably my final article on oil/energy.

The essence of the article is this.

My Grandson is 11 years old.
By the time he is old enough to get a drivers licience we will be well into the depletion phase of peak oil with a projected production short fall of 10 million barrels a day by 2015,  by April 2016 when he is old enough to get his drivers licience there will be little point.  By the time he graduates from university in about 2022 oil production will be some 30 million barrels a day below current levels.  Global peak energy will be with us and coal consumption will have overtaken oil as the major energy source with the CO2 problems associated.  By the time he is middle aged (40's) virtually all oil and natural gas (methane cathhydrates excepted) will be gone; that is 60% of our current energy supply and coal production will be in serious decline.  By the time he is in his 60s Australia's vast reserves of coal will be vitually depleted as will the energy reserves of the rest of the world.

My grandson in his expected life time will see the total consumption of the Earth's energy resources,  we will be left with what renewable energy production that is put in place in that time.  Without the fossil fuels need to produce the raw materials needed to increase renewable energy infrastructure.

We are like "Thelma and Louise" at full throttle heading to the precipice to crash into a "Mad Max" world.

We need to build the alternatives we will need for the future; NOW!  While we have the fossil fuels and cheap energy to do so.  To wait till they are need will be too late.

There are no alternatives, even in the conception phase, that can replace the energy derived from fossil fuels.  The fossil fuels that have provided the energy necessary for the growth of the human population from 1.5-2 billion before the industrial revolution to nearly 7 billion people today.  Those fossil fuels that will be virtually completely depleted in my grandson's life expectancy.

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Look forward to some Camwest publicity in the Blacktown Advocate in near future,
one of their reporters has shown some interest in this article and we just had a nice talk about
all issues related to Camwest.


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Nice headings,

lovely work Nik

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Dear Mark,

On 11/03/10 15:49 +1100, Mark Robson wrote:
>Hi Nik,
>BNSW have asked me to document my experiences commuting with a bike
>on trains.
>I thought it could go well on the Camwest site.

I certainly think so too, and have published it there.  I have taken
great liberties with editing, and I hope that you don't mind.  Please
could you check to see if I have added any errors in my extensive

>  Camwest

Please note that according to Ian Macindoe, it is CAMWEST.

I really like your writing, and am happy to publish any more articles
you write.
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