[CAMWEST-discuss] using petrol in cars?

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The dults don't know it yet but it will happen long before 2030 and it will be 
bicycles not electric powered vehicles.  Global peak energy production is very 
likely to happen this decade if not already so there will not be the energy 
available to manufacture the batteries at an affordable price or the electricity 
to charge the batteries at an affordable price for the numbers of vehicles other 
than bicycles to be a serious consideration.

At least Europe is installing large renewable power generation projects that 
will mean they will have some power supply when the crunch comes in the next 
decade or so.  Unfortunately Australia has only 0.3% of its energy needs met by 
non-hydro renewable power.  But I suppose we have lots of coal; for a few 
decades anyway.

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Subject: using petrol in cars?

But hope is at hand!

EU are thinking of banning cars in cities  - in 2030.
Sorry, it’s about 20 years too late.
Enjoyed my ride to work this morning, also went to Parra CBD by bike this week, 
lovely way to 

beat the traffic and best parking spot in the world.
Enjoy your ride this weekend, wherever you go.
PS Is CAMWEST alive, dead or dormant?
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Subject: [CAMWEST-discuss] Saudi oil production
G'day all,
This article 

provides evidence for what many, including myself, suspected, that OPEC and 
Saudi Arabia are unable to increase production sufficiently to make up any short 
falls in global production.
The logical extention of this is that the forecast by the International Energy 
Agency that OPEC can increase supply by 5 million barrels a day is much more 
wishful thinking than reality.  So the IEA estimate of total global liquids fuel 
production of 110 million barrels a day in 2025 is no more than a pipe dream.  
It is quite likely that current global production of all liquid fuels is the 
maximum that we will ever see and that from 2012 we will be in a real liquid 
fuels shortage as was the case in 2008.  And after 2014 we will be in a 
situation of permanent decline of liquid fuels supply.
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