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G'day all,
I just sent this e-mail to my local federal and state representatives,  I know I 
am banging my head against a brick wall with these two market/growth oriented 
politicians but what else can I do?  Even the Greens don't seem to fully 
comprehend the importance of the message.

Our global and Australian energy future is short and will start to impact 
heavily within this decade.  We must rapidly build renewable 
power infrastructure while we have the low cost energy to do it.

 danny_hannan at yahoo.com 

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G'day Alex and David,
From the Australian Government report:  Australian Energy Resource Assessment 
2010 our reserves; of oil will be gone in 10 years, of natural gas in 30-60 
years depending on production growth, of coal in 50-90 years depending 
on production growth.

The high numbers assume no production growth from 2009; a fantasy scenario.

What will we do for our energy supply in 50 years time?

I urge you both to read at least the summary from this news letter:

My own article of similar theme is here:

We need to change our direction rapidly or Australia and the world will face a 
resources depression of unprecedented proportions within a decade or two.  
Economic growth will be impossible in such circumstances.

Dandanny_hannan at yahoo.com 
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