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This is an e-mail sent to my local state and federal representitives.
If you feel as i do i suggest you do the same.

danny_hannan at yahoo.com

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G'day Alex and David,
You are aware of my projections regarding the total lack of long term energy security.  Both because of Global Warming and rapidly depleting reserves of fossil fuel.
It is urgent that we move to renew-able sources of energy rapidly,  renew-able energy is expensive in infrastructure terms and low cost fossil fuels are required to produce the materials to build that infrastructure.  Providing subsidies for the use of fossil fuels exacerbates that situation.
The NSW government is heavily subsidising the price of coal used in power production.  The subsidy is such that the coal for power generators is being produced at below cost.  The cost of the coal to power stations is around Au$30/tonne while the same coal is loaded onto ships in Newcastle Harbour at over Au$120/tonne.  By comparison to the cost of these subsidies the carbon pricing scheme is a drop in the bucket.
You are both of the Liberal Party which is supposed to champion free trade yet support subsidies for fossil fuels which kill the economic viability of alternative sources of power and the business that are trying to develop those industries.  The alternative power that will be so critical for our energy security in and for the future.
See: http://www.climatespectator.com.au/commentary/nsws-great-big-coal-subsidy-scandal?utm_source=Climate%2BSpectator%2Bdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Climate%2BSpectator%2Bdaily&utm_source=Climate+Spectator&utm_campaign=351c1760d7-CSPEC_DAILY&utm_medium=email
Please make my views known to the relevant ministers and shadow ministers of both the NSW and Australian governments.

danny_hannan at yahoo.com
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