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G'day all,
In 2011, 92% of all mutual and Exchange Traded Funds made losses, organisations that take a substantial fees that you pay win or lose for managing your money.  2012 to 2016 promises to be even more challenging years for investors, with many projections of Euro Zone breaking up or at least being in substantial recession and 27% of all US financial liability being in the Euro Zone and more in the European common market.
If you have accumulated assets you need to take charge of their management.  My projections are that unless you have specific investment or trading skills the best returns will be from fixed interest investments - Term deposits, corporate bonds (but care in researching the companies concerned needs to taken) etc.  Both derivatives (options and futures in both shares and commodities) and equities (shares) will be very volatile.
It is pure luck if you increase your assets with out doing the work needed to know where and why your money is invested.  And you can still get it or the timing wrong.

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