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Good luck Paul and Mark,
I have had limited success with getting barriers removed both with the use of a battery powered angle grinder and by showing the council that the barries impede many path users.  Such as old and dsabled people on electric scooters, parents with prams, particularly multi-child type prams and any others you can think of.  The councils officers complain about motor bikes, but that is a law enforcement problem. We don't block roads because some road-users break the law.  The paths are there for the use of cyclists and pedestrians which include many old, and/or disabled and parents with very young children.  The paths should allow for the fee flow of the designated users.  Some photoes of said users ad their difficulties always helps.

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Hi Paul,

Our representations to Council on the section of path from Coleman St to Findlayson Ck have been continuous for many years
since the Parra-Liverpool T-Way project made it part of a regional route. We were successful in getting some bollards removed at the Wentworthville end as part of the building of the bridge over Findlayson Ck, however as you rightly point out many terrible obstacles remain. The worst part of the U-rails is that you can see them ahead so you know your ride is a poor one even before you start off from the last obstacle. The path is also narrow in some places and there's a dangerous post.  

But all could be fixed with a little concrete in the right places and some cyclist based fore-thought.

There is a photo survey in the Camwest website here:


The path here that is part of the official T-Way project was not upgraded at the time and should have been
so Holroyd probably view it as an RTA issue.  I don't think the bridge is seen as part of the cycleway, maybe it should be
added to Council's bike plan as it does make a nice connection into Jones Park and over the hill to
Westmead station.

I am interested in coming with you on any saddle survey in Holroyd.


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Ladies and Gents,
Recently the RTA completed work on the splendid extension of the M4
Cycleway to Ledger Rd, Merrylands. I have ridden this once and it's great!
But that's not the subject of this email.

At its western end, the new cycleway joins the poor excuse for a cycleway
in Holroyd Council's jurisdiction. You can either ride north across the
pedestrian bridge or continue on the south side down to Finlayson Creek at
Wentworthville. But which ever way you go, don't expect an easy ride. These
2 routes easily win my award for the worst sections of cycleway I have ever
seen. They are infested with the worst cycling barrier - the upside-down,
double U rail. At best you have to take you put at least one foot on the
ground to negotiate them; at worst you have to dismount and stand your bike
on its end to get through.

The southside track has at least 5 pairs of these barriers, in about 500m
of cycleway. Heading north over the pedestrian bridge is even worse. There
are 3 pairs of double U rails within 100 metres, which are so close
together that it's virtually impossible to negotiate without dismounting.
No cyclist would use either facility. Though curiously the Amy Gillett ride
in Feb last year traversed its full length, which let me to write to
Holroyd Council to ask them to remove all these barriers. A few months
later I was told (by Stoyan Franca at Holroyd Council) that they would be
replaced by single bollards by June 2011. Foolishly I took them at their
word (and also moved house). But I decided to check it out over the
Christmas holidays. To my dismay, it appears that nothing has been done.

So I am wondering if you might have any information about this cycleway.

  Are you aware of any work being done or planned on this cycleway in the
  last 12 months, particularly in relation to bollards?
  Have you, or do you know of anyone having made representations to
  Council or anyone else about it?
  Do you know if Council regards the bridge as part of the cycleway?
  Are you interested in participating in a Saddle Survey of the route?

I'm thinking of seeing if Bicycle NSW and/or Amy Gillett folk might be able
to help support the push.
(The other option is to implement a quick fix myself with an angle grinder
and a compressor. that would save Council some money! : - )

Grateful for your help.

Paul Bowyer
Project Manager
Mobile: 0438 856 880
Email: pbowyer at au1.ibm.com

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