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G'day all,
These are reasons that we need to change our transportation and energy production priorities.  That doing so also addresses Global Warming, equity,
health and economic issues are also important.
NSW imports virtually 100% of its liquid fuel needs, global production has reached a plateau, The US Energy Information Agency, the US Joint Forces Command and our own Bureau of Infrastructure Transport and Regional Economics Report 117, have all projected the global shortage of liquid fuels production as early as 2012 and the permanent decline of global production of liquid fuels for 2012-2017.  With heavy reliance on road transport and grossly inadequate rail transport NSW is very vulnerable to global shortages and prices rises in liquid fuels.  As is the whole of Australia.

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Thank you for your submission on the Bourke Road cycleway feedback request. 
Your feedback is important to us. We will carefully consider your comments with all the other community responses.
There will be another opportunity to comment when the consultant’s report goes on public exhibition (anticipated to be April 2012). 
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This is text from a recent letter to my local state and federal Representatives.
"I remind you that in a 2001 article http://camwest.pps.com.au/projects/why-roads.shtmlI estimated that in 2012 oil would be trading between US$100-120/barrel.
This morning WTI is trading at US$105/barrel, Brent at US$121/barrel and Tapis where Australia buys its supplies at US$130/barrel.
My 2001 estimate for the oil price in 2015 was US$200-250/barrel.  While that estimate is still a strong probability I think it is more likely that the high price of oil combined with global debt issues will cause an economic decline far worse than 2008 that will keep oil prices lower than my estimate.  Either way economic growth with declining oil and energy supplies and rising oil/energy prices is a myth.  The mantra of continuing economic growth is a misguided impossibility.  Our society must live within its resource limits and those resources are very finite.  To continue to foster and promote economic growth with an increasingly expensive resource base of limited supply is exacerbating the severity and depth of the collapse when it comes."
I think that it is quite self explanatory why I think the Bourke Road cycleway should be installed.  Eventually the traffic on all roads will be made up of cyclists driven there by the economic necessity, in the transition phase we need alternative cycling facilities.

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I refer you to http://camwest.pps.com.au/renewable-energy/ for a detailed treatment of both Australia's and global supplies of fossil fuels into the future.
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