[CAMWEST-discuss] Make power while PVs are cheap

Danny Hannan danny_hannan at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 05:33:44 UTC 2012

G'day all,A corollary of "make hay while the sun shines".  PV power production is currently lower cost than grid supplied electricity in NSW.  The return on installing a solar hot water service and enough PVs to supply 110% of house hold power needs now shows above about a 10% tax free return on the investment by reducing power bills to close to zero.  While the feed-in-tariffs are low at 8c/kWhr and show a poor return of 4% on the investment of PVs above house hold needs the grid power supplied is at over 20c/kWhr, feed-in-tariffs are net so the power is not taken from the grid.  Pay back is around seven years.
danny_hannan at yahoo.com
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