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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                                   anyone interested in doing something for the opening of Parramasala as suggested below? A good opportunity to promote cycling.

Also, we could run a valet bike parking service - Any volunteers for that?

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I have attached an email below fromthe organizers of the opening night of Parramasala which I though may interestyou. The event organisers are looking for local bike riders to take part in theopen parade. It sounds like a colourful and fun opportunity! 
If you would like to be part of theparade please email Virginia Hyam Virginia.Hyam at parramasala.com Alsoplease feel free to pass this invitation onto your networks. 

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From:Virginia Hyam
Sent: Wednesday, 17 October 20124:19 PM
To: Myfanwy Lawrence
Cc: sara.holt 
Subject: re bikes - ParramasalaOpeing night Bollywood Block Party - Virginia Hyam
Dear Myfannwy
Great chatting with youearlier , regarding the bike riders participation in the Bollywood Block Partyin Town Hall Square on the evening of Thursday 8th November. 
So : re the event pleasevisit our website which gives a great overview www.parramasala.com
We are looking for 20-30bikes to be involved in the opening piece ..
how ? 
you need to decorate your bike as colourfully as you want.. south Asian theme preferable .. move through the opening event ringing your bells to a choreographed call and response whichwill be taught to you upon arrival before the event . 
To arrive to Parramatta Town Hall –  at 5pm ..onthe  day of the opening – Thursday 8th November where a workshop space will be set up beside the Hall – we willhave a range of art n craft supplies to add to your bike .. but if you havealready made your own very individual style that is good as well .. you may justwant to augment ..
And you ? 
Dress colourfully –you will be on show ! 
So it’s a lot offun – and a chance to join in on the Festivities for the evening ! 
We need to know numbers.. so please register interest to virginia.hyam at parramasala.com
Bollywood Block Party 
The night is a hugecommunity celebration combining, incorporating dancers, percussionists and bike riders 
This is how the night isshaping up with key elements for the 30 minute opening event. 
So hopefully this willcover key points so you are able to answer any queries as they come to you.
Who is involved?
Creative team 
Anton – Director
Prafulla Parida –Choreographer
Mike Chin – Sounddesign 
Maharishi Ravels –Percussion co-coordinator
Event Co Ord – SaraHolt
Producer – VirginiaHyam  
3 different categories ofDancers 
Stage presentations of arange of dance works who then combine in one big Bollywood number on stage 
Community– random selection of whoever wants to be involved 
Who can have a go atlearning from video on line, then invited to attend 2 dance classes at Parramatta Town Hall 
Thursday 1st Nov –6:30pm
Sunday 4th Nov  
And just before the venton Thursday 8th at 6:15-8pm 
Sunday 4th November– will be a celebration, a rehearsal, a coming together of as manydancers as possible. 
Time -1400- 15:30 At theTown Hall in Parramatta.
This rehearsal is soeveryone performing gets the chance to get everyone together  You areinvited to wear costume or bright colours for this rehearsal as we will beinviting media.
An overview of the event 
Thursday 8th November
1800- 1900 Pre event entertainment
1900- 1930 
The opening event startswith a soundscape 
Drumming leads into a Bollywood beat and bells signal thearrival of 30 cyclists with their decorated bicycles into Town Hall Square.
Kamahl welcomes everyonefrom the main stage and this cues the start of our dance section. 
The culmination of thedance section is the Bollywood finale choreographed by Prafulla Parida with ourspotlight and featured dance groups being joined on our two stages and
the Community dancerswill be on ground level 
plus more surprises ! 
1930 onwards
The DJ picks up from thefinale and the stages are set for performances by Bombay Royale and Naadro.
Thanks for yourenthusiasm and support ! please let me know how you are going with this .. we are3 weeks out so time is critical , as I know you understand

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