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Mark Robson (Austral Wright) Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Mon Jun 2 23:49:01 UTC 2014

Dear All,

Last night at the Parramatta community cabinet meeting I was able to sit with the Minister for Roads and one of his staff for 10 minutes.

I am once again overwhelmed by the great reputation that Camwest has. I know that this opportunity was only available for me
to represent Camwest and would not have been possible as an individual. We MUST strive to maintain our existence as a group
in this ever changing digital world so that some of us can take advantage of these invitations.

On to the business:

The state govt. has released a plan for cycling in Sydney called "Sydney's Cycling Future".

You can download a copy here ( if the technology works, otherwise just google those 3 words. )


If they build even half of what is in the document there will be some huge improvements.

Major points:

The lack of connectivity at a micro level around major city centres like Parramatta has been identified and will be fixed.

The community's wish for separated cycling facilities and the dangers of riding on the roads has been identified.

There are detailed plans for each of the major centres to build new cycle ways, of particular interest is a PLAN to build
Darling Mills Creek northwards from Parramatta.

Camwest have been asked to critique this document, particularly the Parramatta and Blacktown areas.
I already have some criticisms, such as the fact that Fairfield is missing from the plans and that there is no clear connection from
Parramatta to Blacktown. There is also no statement about connectivity at a micro level or checking and upgrading existing paths.
There is also nothing about the quality of the proposed routes or estimating travel times.

If you are able to assist with critiquing the plans in this document please let John know. I suggest that someone does each major centre.

I already have some thoughts about  the links around Parramatta.

The next step will be consultation with Councils and the community about the detailed routes. This is where 'the rubber hits the road'
and it is up to us to get involved in this detailed design stage to get the best outcome.

Detailed discussions:

-       The gaps in the NW T-Way and also the unfinished section of the LPT near Coleman St were brought to the Ministers attention.

-       The narrowness of the underpass beside Woodville Rd near Granville was discussed and a printed photo presented. The 'shared path' here
        is 1.6 metres wide with a wall on one side and Woodville Road on the other. The RMS will discuss alternatives with Camwest and the 2 Councils
whose boundary this underpass crosses. These include a 'tack-on' bridge at Neil St and routing the rail trail through Holroyd Gardens ( which is the way
many riders travel now to avoid the underpass )  or a pedestrian/cyclist overbridge 'somewhere' between Neil St and Woodville Rd.
This will be a major project requiring separate ministerial intervention. The fact that the Woodville Rd underpass is a heritage listed railway bridge
will be in our favour as they can't alter or widen it.

-       The awful gap in the shared path network between Pemulwuy and Girraween was discussed. The Minister instantly saw the benefits of creating a continuous
      spine of pathway from Windsor to Hoxton park allowing Councils to build feeder paths to the main spine. The RMS will investigate building a shared path
      through the existing double table drain under the M4 here which is around 2.75 metres high and ample for a cyclists passage. Initially they will probably
      just create a traffic light controlled crossing of the Gt Western Hwy at the existing traffic lights at Toongabbie Road. But I will continue to campaign for a bridge there
      as the road is 10 lanes wide and the red time for motorists to allow pedestrians to cross will be excessively long.

-       The path gaps around Parramatta were highlighted to the Minister, and this issue is being dealt with in the current plans.


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