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While I agree that the road and driveway crossing is not ideal, most of that
exists at the moment.  The only way that I could see to get around a lot of
the driveway crossings is to use the path alongside the watercourse a couple
of hundred metres west of Prospect Hwy.  While that has the potential for
being a much more enjoyable ride, it could also be percieved as less safe
(lack of lighting etc) and because it's not alongside Prospect Hwy/Blacktown
Rd, the case to upgrade this as part of the road upgrade would be more
Ideally both paths would be upgraded and connected to each other :)



On Mon, Jun 16th, 2014 at 10:43 AM, "Mark Robson (Austral Wright)"
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> Hi John,
> I attended this ‘information session’ on Saturday as I was going past
> anyway, ( whoops don’t tell them I was driving!)
> When I estimated the total trip time between Blacktown and the Reservoir
> Rd intersection south of the M4 roundabouts I was shocked.
> When this project is completed there will be 11 sets of traffic lights; 3
> uncontrolled road crossings and about 49 driveways.
> I therefore guestimate a legally behaving rider will actually take 47
> minutes to cover just 5.3 km, at a woeful 32% effective riding rate.
> My allowances of 1-1/2 minutes for lights, ¼ minute for uncontrolled
> roads and 1/10th minute for each driveway are open for change.
> They are all just estimates.
> This will be perhaps the worst cycling facility built so far, perhaps
> being worse than Sunnyholt Road with all of its traffic lights.
> I expressed my displeasure at the woeful result if these plans. I have
> also put my concerns in writing and emailed to the project.
> Transport NSW have stated that cycling facilities should be enjoyable.
> This will be a wide footpath for legal use by cyclists.
> Regards
> Mark
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> Fellow CAMWESTies, particularly those who live or cycle in the Blacktown
> area,
> This email may be of interest to you.
> John Holstein
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> cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West.
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> Dear Sir/Madam,
> The Prospect Highway Upgrade team invites you to have a say on the future
> upgrade of the Prospect Highway between Reservoir Road, Prospect and St
> Martins Crescent, Blacktown.
> RMS has prepared an environmental impact assessment of the proposed
> upgrade, known as the Review of Environmental Factors (REF). The REF
> assesses the potential environmental impacts, identifies environmental
> issues and outlines mitigation and management measures. The potential
> impacts assessed by the REF include traffic, noise, biodiversity, heritage
> and hydrology.
> The Prospect Highway upgrade team are seeking feedback to finalise the
> concept design. Comments and submissions are invited until Monday June 30.
> The comments received during this display period will be considered as
> formal submissions to the REF. A Submissions Report will be prepared and
> made available later this year.
> During March 2013 and October 2013 RMS sought feedback from the community
> on the local roads access strategy and the preliminary concept design.
> These submissions have been considered and published into submissions
> reports. The proposed design has been refined as a result of the feedback
> received.
> These refinements to the design include:
>   *   The proposed two-way road linking the Great Western Highway with the
> Prospect Highway has been moved up to 10 metres south to lessen property
> and environmental impacts
>   *   A new pedestrian crossing across the Prospect Highway at the
> Blacktown Road intersection
>   *   An upgrade of the existing Old Church Lane to Keyne Street
> pedestrian underpass to meet current design standards
>   *   Bus stops:
>      *   Two new bus stops at Reservoir Road intersection
>      *   Relocation of the bus stop northbound at Stoddart Road to about
> 30 metres north of Harrod Street
>      *   Relocation of the bus stops at Blacktown Mega Centre south
> towards St Martins Crescent intersection
>   *   A new pedestrian footpath between Keyworth Drive and Roger Place
>   *   Retaining walls at:
>      *   St Bartholomew’s Church and cemetery
>      *   The proposed two-way link road, continuing north along the
> Prospect Highway
>      *   In front of the electricity tower north-west of the M4.
> To ensure the project meets the community needs we are inviting feedback
> to the proposed concept design and REF by Monday June 30.
> Comments and submissions can be made in writing by email to
> prospecthighway at rms.nsw.gov.au<mailto:prospecthighway at rms.nsw.gov.au> or
> mail addressed to The Prospect Highway Upgrade, Roads and Maritime
> Services, PO Box 973, Parramatta CBD NSW 2124. Alternatively, you are
> invited to drop in and meet the project team at information sessions on
> Saturday June 14 from 10am to 2pm and Wednesday June 18 from 3:30pm to 7pm
> at Shelley Public School on Hadrian Avenue, Blacktown.
> A copy of the REF and proposed design is available online at 
> If you live locally, a newsletter will be delivered over the next few
> business days with information on the project. A copy of the community
> update newsletter is also available at the Prospect Highway Upgrade
> website.
> If you need any information please do not hesitate to contact the project
> team by phone on 1300 660 275 or by email at
> prospecthighway at rms.nsw.gov.au<mailto:prospecthighway at rms.nsw.gov.au>.
> Thankyou,
> Vernon Stanton
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