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Fellow CAMWESTies                                 
 the attachment to this email is the minutes from the last Bicycle NSW  Council Meeting, a group consisting mainly of Bicycle User Group Members. Please take the time to read the minutes. If anyone is interested in being a part of this council, please let me know & I will arrange for you to be included in the mailing lists etc,. The Council meets every second Month, with the next meeting scheduled for Wed 13th May 2015. The meetings are usually held by way of a conference call, so no need to allocate time to travel to a remote location.
John Holstein
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Hi fellow Councillors, mostly of the BUG variety.  
If you didn't join our little soiree tonight you missed out on a doozy! :o  
Please find attached the minutes from the meeting for your reading pleasure.  
There will be a test on them at the next Council meeting, which is now scheduled for Wednesday 13th May, so you'd better study hard.  
Hope to hear you all then.   
And in the mean time, please feel free to use the bnsw-council email list to share information, ask questions, etc as there is a wealth of experience and helpful people available in the Council. And best of all it's free :)  
Alan Corven  
Chair, BNSW Council  
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