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Hi everyone,

Please see the below email from Bicycle NSW regarding needing additional 
Team Leaders for this year's Spring Cycle event.  As mentioned below, 
the 100km Challenge ride is using a number of the shared paths around 
Western Sydney.  Additional Team Leaders (and Route volunteers) are 
required.  If you've thought about volunteering but want to ride in the 
Spring Cycle as well, there will probably be opportunities to ride the 
remainder of the route after the volunteering position has ended.
I've been a Team Leader on a number of Bicycle NSW events, and plan to 
be for this event too.  It's a great experience, and you get to see 
another side of the events that you don't normally see as just a rider.  
It would be great to see a few more CAMWEST supporters on board too.  :)
If interested, please contact Bicycle NSW or Eventeamwork below. I'm 
also happy to discuss further if you have any questions.


Rob  (ph 0415 902 708)

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Dear Volunteers,

We hope you are all getting excited for Spring Cycle on Sunday 18^th 
October 2015!

Spring Cycle 2015 will be bigger and better than ever extending to a 
100km challenge ride option to Parramatta. Find out more about this 
exciting event on the Spring Cycle website <http://springcycle.com.au/>.

Volunteer shifts will be available for selection from Mid-August with 
preference given to those who expressed their interest here 

However, today we are emailing with a different and very exciting 

*Wanted: Volunteer Team Leaders for Spring Cycle 2015*

With the expansion of the Route, Spring Cycle is looking for more team 
leaders to assist with the smooth running of the event.

Team Leaders will lead a team of volunteers and assist them to complete 
their tasks, team leaders be the go to person for volunteers within one 
sector or site during the event. This is a unique opportunity to bring 
your volunteer experience to a new level and to gain event experience 
and responsibility.

*What is involved with being a Team Leader for Spring Cycle?*


*/Duties prior to the event:/*

  * Attend 2 team leader meetings and one site inspection
  * Communicate with volunteers allocated to your sector/ site prior to
    the event to ensure they know where and when to meet you
  * Plan allocation of volunteers within your sector/ site based on
    sector/ site requirements provided to you

*/Duties at event time: /*

  * Ensure the smooth running of the event within your sector or site
  * Meet catering/ volunteer pack delivery
  * Operate a 2 way radio and communicate effectively with Eventeamwork
    staff and Bicycle NSW Event Managers
  * Manage the sign in and out volunteers and hand out volunteer packs
    and meals
  * Organise and allocate volunteers to assigned areas at your location
  * Make sure volunteers are completing their tasks and manage breaks if
  * Attend to the management and well-being of your team of volunteers
  * Comply with WH&S Standards
  * Complete report of volunteers who have attended their shifts and
    return to Eventeamwork
  * Act as “eyes and ears” on the ground and reporting back to
    management any issues, concerns or other matters that may need to be

As a Spring Cycle Team Leader you will receive all the volunteer 
benefits plus the extra satisfaction that you have assisted the Bicycle 
NSW team immensely in the staging of the event. On top of that you will 
be part of an amazing group of inspiring team leaders J

*Are you ready to be a Team Leader?*

If you are interested to be a Team Leader at this year’s Spring Cycle 
please let us know via email at volunteer at bicyclensw.org.au 
<mailto:volunteer at bicyclensw.org.au> or call us on 0477 499 130.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you are already part of our amazing team leader team or have 
expressed your interest for this role already, there is no need to 
reconfirm this. We will be in touch very soon.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,

Jana, Rebecca and Jessica

Eventeamwork & Bicycle NSW

/You are receiving this email because you subscribed to the Eventeamwork 
or Bicycle NSW volunteer database./

Contact Us 

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