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Paul Bowyer pbowyer88 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 11:57:09 UTC 2015

Hi folks, 

You're welcome to come along to the a new chapter of Parramatta Heritage
Rides. This ride is about 3.5 hours long, and about 20km, taking in the old
boundary stones of Parramatta, and some of its great riverside cyclepaths.
Come and try it out. You're guaranteed to learn something new: 

Bridges and Boundary Stones Ride - 13 Sep 2015

In 1839, Governor George Gipps directed that Parramatta's boundaries be
marked out. David Lennox, famed bridge builder, was commissioned to design
the 9 stones. 6 of these stones can still be seen today.

The Bridges and Boundary Stones ride will take you to the old boundary
stones as it tours the old boundaries, some of Parramatta's great bridges,
and around Australia's oldest buildings, including Elizabeth Farm, Old
Government House, Hambledon Cottage and the Female Factory Precinct. And
it's free! 

Come along and get acquainted with the fabulous history of this fabulous
city. The ride departs from the Tudor Gatehouse, Parramatta Park at 8.30.

Please book at parramattaheritagerides.net

More info 0438 856 880. 


Hope you can make it.  




Paul Bowyer

pbowyer88 at gmail.com <mailto:pbowyer88 at gmail.com> 

0438 856 880


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