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Fellow CAMWESTies,
Parramatta City Council have had the plans for the upgrade of the Church Street Mall, Town Hall, Old Council Building & Library Precinct on display for a while now and it has come to my attention there are plans to ban cycling altogether in this area. Signage directing cyclists to dismount will be displayed, prohibiting even under 12 year olds from using the area for cycling. 
Currently there is no official North / South route through the city, nor is there an official North/ South cycle route to Parramatta Railway Station or plans for bicycle parking in the area. 

The public consultation officially closes today Council always receives submissions outside this deadline. Here is  the link to the plans on the website - http://www.parracity.nsw.gov.au/your_council/news/on_exhibition/have_your_say/parramatta_square_public_space_concept_design

Quantity over quality is good, although a few considered submissions would be great as well. The main thing I think which needs to be supported is bike riders being able to easily access the station and public buildings. Also for those living in the square easy access for residents to the residential buildings for all modes, including bicycles. The central square section will probably not allow bike riding as the pedestrian numbers will be high. 

Please consider forwarding this through any other forums you may use such as Sydney Cyclist or Facebook.

John Holstein

PS, hope to see you at the AGM tonight (Wed 28/10/15) 

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