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Fellow CAMWESTies, here is an invite to BUG's to a cycling film.

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Subject: Your Invited - "Fairless" Cycling movie on March 9th in Hornsby from Bike North.

Hi CAM West execs

Bike North is organising the screening of a short cycling film called "Fairless" on Wednesday 9th March 2016 at Event Cinemas Hornsby at 6.30 pm. Tickets are $20. Its an inspirational story of a virtually unknown Australian Olympic Cyclist, who makes a return to the sport in later life. 

This YouTube video gives you a taste ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDbBHkCIOAs  

Its been remiss of us to not invite other BUG members along, but we hope you can get the word out to your members ASAP, as we need to have another 60 odd tickets sold in the next week, otherwise the event won't go ahead. ( This is because the event organisers are FanForce )

It works like this

01. The film from their library has been picked, screening date, time & cinema orgainised. (Done)

02. Promote the screening – (We've been doing this through our weekly eNews and Bike Norths FaceBook page) (Done)

03. You invite people to the screening. If enough tickets are reserved the screening goes ahead. If it doesn’t get the numbers required the host can try again later but no one loses any money.

04. We organise the event with the cinema. All everyone has to do is turn up.

Just to reiterate, you need to "Book a Ticket" by entering your Credit Card details on the site below, but its not debited until the required numbers ( Tipping Point ) is reached.

The link for bookings is below


We hope it'll be a night where cyclists of all persuasions can get together, and a there will be a  a $50 voucher from a local bike shop given away on the night. The tickets need to be booked by 1st March for the event to go ahead.
We hope you can get this out to your members, and the event goes ahead with a wider audience. If you can promote this, please let bn_exec at bikenorth.org.au & social at bikenorth.org.au know.
If you have any queries, send them on to those emails.

yours in Cycling 

Communications - Bike North

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