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Fellow CAMWESTies,

Anyone interested in helping with this project

John Holstein
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Subject: [bnsw-council] New Bike Sheds at train stations - promotion opportunity

Hi BUGs, or should I say SWARM?

TfNSW have started rolling out bike sheds (bicycle cages) at some major train stations.

These will be free to use and accessed using a registered Opal card.

Woy Woy bike shed is the first, opening soon :). Closely followed by Blacktown and then Campbeltown, with others to follow later this year.

We (CCBUG) are working closely with TfNSW on the Woy Woy shed to promote it via handout of flyers and leaflets etc. We have also advised them on appropriate local papers and bicycle press for advertising.

Can you help at Blacktown or Campbeltown? If so please advise and I'll pass your contact info on to TfNSW project manager :)

Alan Corven
Chair, Bicycle NSW Council

Cycle for fun; cycle for your health; cycle for transport; cycle for the environment.

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